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PostSubject: Operatsioonisüsteem   Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:45 pm

kell protsessori esi sihi peal. seal ta kasutab kella sükromiseerimiseks.
arvuti tugevust vaadatakse flopsides.
RAM-random access memory
Ram-i peal on erinevad asjad küljes mis on andmed. 1ja 0
protsessoril on kindel hulk k2skusi mida ta m6istab.

Load a number from ram into the cpu
Add twg numbers together
Store a number from cpu back out to Ram
Compare one number with another
Jump If Condition to another address in Ram
Jump to antoher address in Ram
Output to a device such as a monitor
Input from a device such as keyboard
l6ime seisundid
init the thread is being created
ready the thread is waiting to be assigned to cpu
running the thread instructions are being executed
waiting the thread is waiting for some event ot occur
terminated the thread has finished execution

memory management information
accounting information
process-global vs thread specific

iga protsessil on id
igal protsessil on parent id

FIFO: First-in, First-Out
SJF: Shortest-job-First
SRT: shortest-remaining-time
RR: Round-robin
ML: Multi-lever priority
MLF: Multilevel feedback
RM: Rate monotomic
EDF: earliest Deadline First

csrss.exe- Client Server Runtime Process
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